Countdown to the Kentucky Derby

There are four days until the Kentucky Derby, which means the countdown is on to one of my favorite days of the year. Delicious food, great drinks, and the biggest hats you could ever want.

It also means there are only four days until my Kentucky Derby party, my own little personal slice of the South in Chicago. And instead of sweating over a hot stove and scrambling around on Friday night and Saturday morning, I like to take more of a make-it-ahead approach. Saturday morning, I'll get up, pop out to pick up ice and roses (because there have to be roses), do a final clean of my apartment and start setting up everything. I'll turn on the oven at the last minute to warm up one or two dishes, but ideally, everything will be done in the next few days. 

So here's what I got up to tonight (plus a bonus picture of my little helper)!

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Welcome to Olive & Clark


Hi! I'm Tori, a Southern girl born and bred who has somehow found herself living in the North. Two years ago, I moved from Charleston, South Caroline to Chicago, Illinois and ever since, I've been searching for little slivers of the South here up north. 

Let's be honest: the internet will tell you that being Southern is all big hair, sweet tea, and "bless your heart." And sure, that's true for some people. But it's also porch parties, biscuits, and "how can I help?". 

So what can you expect from Olive & Clark? A little bit of everything, really. Southern traditions, recipes, and memories; survival tips when your whole family is enjoying sweet summer tomatoes and you haven't even made it to blueberry season yet; and the best places up north that capture the feeling of the South, even when you're hundreds of miles away from home.